How do I download Lockey?

Lockey is available for free, on the Apple store if you have an IPhone/IPad, and the Google Play store for Android phones or tablets. You can also download Lockey following the link from our website, or social media pages.

How do I sign up?

Once you have downloaded Lockey, you can sign up by linking it to your Facebook profile or by following some simple steps using your e mail and phone number for verification.

What do I need to put in my profile?

Once you have signed up, your profile allows you to have multiple pictures and some information about you which can be seen by other users, it’s quick and easy to get started and start finding Lockeys!

How is it different to other dating apps?

Lockey has a new and unique match making feature to dating apps, which enables the user to only have one Lockey (match) at a time. Once you have both swiped Lock to each other and made a Lockey you can not carry on swiping to look for other matches until a user has unlocked the match! There are also unique subscription options.

Is Lockey free to use?

Yes! The standard version of Lockey is free to download and use as much as you like. There are subscription options for a small monthly cost which give you unique bonus features.

What happens when I get a match?

Once you have both swiped up (Lock) on each other’s profiles, It will create a Lockey for you both. You can then chat to each other, however you will not be able to carry on swiping with other users. Giving you the chance to get to know your Lockey better!

What happens if I want to look for someone else?

Whilst you are in a Lockey, If you are not feeling the good vibes and want to shop around! You can unlock it whenever you like, be careful though because once you have unlocked them that’s it!

How many swipes a day am I allowed?

As many as you like! There is no limit on the amount you can use Lockey.

What is a golden padlock?

A golden padlock is an option on a users profile which you can chose to get straight to the top of there pile! Also giving them a indication that you’re interested!

What does subscribing give you?

There are two different subscription packages displayed in the app for a small monthly cost. They include access to your ‘keys’ which allows you to see a profile which has taken a liking to you, whether you are in a Lockey or not! Subscription also gives you access to see your previous Lockeys if you want to try and re-light the flame!

How do I contact Lockey?

If you have any questions, enquiries , or general queries then please use our contact form or e-mail enquires@lockeydating.com